Thousands of hazardous micropollutants are identified in waters. Residuals of human and veterinary drugs, antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, herbicides, and plastics can be found in surface and drinking water as well. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that adverse neurophysiological or genotoxic phenomena have been linked to certain groups of micropollutants, which may have mutagenic and/or carcinogenic effects. Almost 90% of human cancer is caused by toxic materials in the food, water, and air. Micropollutants can also damage the endocrine system and impair human reproduction.


by Nature for Nature

Although a lot of research aimed at reducing the concentrations of drug residues in water, most of elaborated novel treatment processes can be characterized by high maintenance cost including the production and disposal of the adsorbents.

That is why CLEAREADYTM focuses on new cost-effective and green alternatives. Our innovative approach focuses on natural adsorbents.

The team of CLEAREADY tested the adsorption capacity of different kinds of materials, and elaborated a new technology for the removal of hazardous micropollutants. The developed method seems to be suitable for cost-effective pharmaceutical active compounds removal. Moreover, saturated adsorbents can be treated and disposed by easy and cost-effective ways.


Micropollutants Adsorbent System

The CLEAREADYTM MASS works as an accelerated ecological machine. As our laboratory has confirmed that different, prepared green waste mixtures as bioadsorbents remove the hazardous micropollutants cost-effectively by up to 90%.

CLEAREADYTM MASS consists of containers with pumps for water circulation and transfer, and replaceable filtration cartridges are inserted inside the blocks.

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Genotoxic vs. gene-protective products

1483 bn USD/year, in the following sectors:

Wastewater treatment services
Wastewater treatment plants Wastewater treatment solutions for the pharmaceutical industry
Irrigated land Hortculture Fisheries
Food & Beverage
Products without micropollutants

Our Team

Kondor, Attila Csaba
Project leader
Szalai, Zoltán
Head of the laboratory
Szabó, Lili
Analyst & Engineer
Vancsik, Anna
Analyst & Engineer
Jakab, Gergely
Senior consultant
Kovácsné, Varga Katalin

Who we are and what we do

The initiator and owner of CLEAREADYTM brand, GEOInsight Co. is a Hungarian start-up formed to commercially utilize technology and procedural solutions, originally developed at the Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences. The company was founded in 2018 by the CEO Tünde Szabó, Ph.D. The company has two business departments: GEOInsight Data and GEOInsight Water.

The team consists of 12 members, seven of whom work in the water business. The Water Department of the company is led by Attila Kondor Ph.D., who is the chief technology officer (CTO) of the CLEAREADYTM Micropollutants Adsorbent System.


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