Water quality measurement

with Tg (vtg1: mCherry) biomonitor-bioindicator transgenic zebrafish

In addition to drug compounds, there are a large number of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC) in our environment, which pose a serious threat to living organisms. Among vertebrates, the role of fish in environmental risk assessment is outstanding, and it has long been used for toxicological testing as well. Tg(vtg1:mCherry) zebrafish, in addition to the classic toxicological endpoints and symptoms, indicates the EDC involvement of the tested samples with a clear “red light”. There are many benefits to using a transgenic line:

  • Fast and cheap analysis in different samples from water to sediment
  • An easy to evaluate and unequivocal indication of the EDC effect on individual molecules or complex samples
  • Applicability to classic acute-, chronic-, multi-generation tests, and ISO or OECD protocols
  • Insertable in GLP (Good Laboratory Practice)
  • In vivo embryo applicability, which complies with animal protection laws
  • Contribution to clean drinking water and safe food as well as sustainable agriculture