Clear water for drinking

by water filtration technologies

According to the quality of drinking water resources, our survey focuses on the identification of drug residues and hormones. Regarding the experiments and results, we are working on the improvement of effective filtration technologies.

We believe that one of the great challenges of the future is the filtration and removal of drug residues and hormones from our water sources.

Besides the investigation processes, risk reduction solutions are worked out about the preventing actions and warning signs to be concerned in order to avoid even the lowest concentration of drug residues and hormones in the drinking water sources.

Complex sampling actions

Complex sampling actions and tailor-made water quality analyses were implemented at great agglomeration area. At numerous tests, more than 100 different drug residues and hormones (including endocrine disruptors) were analysed, so the most frequent drug residues and hormones could be identified in the water sources.

Effective filtration technologies

The main focus of our work is to investigate the efficiency of water purification technologies and filter materials used in the industry for the elimination of the identified drug residues and hormones. For the research of the most effective filtration technologies, a unique equipment was developed.

Risk reduction solutions